WoTW – Episode 3: Boat Luck

My sincerest apologies on the lack of Episode 2.  Gremlins infested the recording software and resulted in a complete loss.

In episode 2 we followed our ‘heroes’ on their trial to join the Nessian Knot. Thalia showcased her skills at locating traps and secret doors though does not have the trust or confidence from her fellows.  Palin had several opportunities to flex his muscles as they battled mithril snake constructs and water zombies.  Ignacio discovered that a repertoire of fire has its limitations. Skeedan surprised them all with his interrogation of a squire from Aldencross,  brutal and seething with hatred and anger. River quietly watched them all providing her particular skill set to send the captain from Balentyne into a deep slumber allowing Palin to decapitate him in glorious fashion.  Having succeeded at their trial the group underwent several months of training with Cardinal Thorn and were inducted in the Nessian Knot.

Now they are being released from the confines of the manor on a task that takes them by boat from the southern reaches into the cold north.  Please sit back and enjoy as the two tieflings discover what cold is.

WoTW – Episode 3: Boat Luck
Way of The Wicked

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