WoTW – Episode 5: Aldencross Pt 2

Gremlins struck again. The infection has been isolated so hopefully we will not suffer any further losses.

In episode 4 the Cratchett family found themselves in the town of Aldencross near the Balentyne wall. A fortuitous accident found two people dead before their arrival which perks their curiosity. It also meant there were now openings for employment within Balentyne as well as a vacant house. While Skeedan and Palin struggle with expectations of human peasant behavior, River leads the way by pelting the guards of Balentyne with innocent questions of an inquisitive youth.  Malum gets the lay of the land and finds an eccentric old man operating a shop of curiosities which happens to include some of a magical nature as well as an alchemist shop.  River’s shadow takes on a mind of its own inciting confusion in Malum and Thalia and suspicion in the Alchemist. Rumors are gathered and plans are discussed.

Join them now as they continue their attempt to blend into small town society.

WoTW – Episode 5: Aldencross Pt 2
Way of The Wicked

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